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Khader's Villa

This project uses a vertical closed loop installed at 100 meters deep. Five heat pumps distribute hot and chilled water to a fan coil distribution system in the summer, an underground heating distribution system in winter,  as well as a 4-pipe AHU year around. in addition to covering 100% of DHW demands and heating of indoor swimming pool. No energy goes wasted in this system: heat extracted from this building in cooling is rejected to the earth and also utilized for heating of out-door swimming pool and Jacuzzi as well as DHW, increasing the geothermal system efficiency.

  System Features  
Cooling Load: 190kW
Heating Load: 210KW
DHW + Swimming Pool: 60KW
Borehole Depth: 100 m
Cooling COP: 4.4
Heating COP 4.2